Spa Jet Therapy

Spa-Jet® hydro therapy massage bed Overview

For centuries, the famous exclamation of the Roman Emperor Nero, 'Sanitas Per Aqua' (SPA), meaning 'health through water', has symbolised people's instictual belief and practice in water's curative and transforming powers.

'Become one with water' is the culmination of SPA - It is clear that the Spa-Jet® epitomises the concept of 'SPA'; aiming to restore total body wellness through a myriad of services tried and tested over the ages.

The Spa-Jet® is a revolutionary concept, creating a true SPA in only 2m2 and offering your clientele the best of SPA technology in response to the problems and needs of modern life.

It offers an ultra-functional space for wellness, total balance and body treatments. The Spa-Jet® brings a real improvement for body and skin care, thanks to the spectacular results of Hydrofusion® - the innovative association of far infrared heat and steam sauna.

The Spa-Jet® is stunning in design and provides the perfect spa environment that is easy to use.

The powerful synergy and variety of functions available, create an ideal 'all in one' SPA environment which optimises well-being for immediate results and will enable your spa/clinic to offer each individual the car adapted to their needs, lifestyles and desires; Hydrofusion™ (steam, sauna, infra-red), Hydrotherapy (hydrojets system and Vichy shower), Vibromassage, Aromatherapy, Oligotherapy, Chromtherapy and Musico-therapy.

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