Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation - Rejuvenate Patients' Skin

Clear beautiful skin is in demand, and effectively treating superficial and benign vascular and pigmented lesions including Telangiectasias, Rosacea, Poikiloderma and Angioma has never been easier. Powered by elos Technology, Syneron skin rejuvenation systems deliver industry-leading results that your patients will love.

How Skin Rejuvenation Works

Powered by the revolutionary elos Technology, the combination of energies offers a complete solution to the challenges of skin treatment with reduced overall required energy output enabling safe, effective treatment. Highly selective light energies are absorbed by the hemoglobin and pigmented lesions, but not significantly absorbed by the normal dermis. Electrical energies selectively heat blood vessels while minimizing the effect on pigmented structure.

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